ArtFarm, Annapolis:  Joyce did a great first aid and CPR training at my studio, ArtFarm. She was wonderful to work with, kept our attention the whole time and we all left with so much confidence that we could handle any emergency big or small. Thank you Joyce!

Pritchard Brown, LLC:We recently had Joyce come to our facility and conduct a training session with our staff. She was very professional and did a great job teaching our employees basic first aid, CPR, and how to use the defibrillators we purchased. I would highly recommend Bay Area CPR to anyone looking for Red Cross certified training. Thanks for the great knowledge and a great class!

BAMS Martial Arts: Guys…. If any of you need CPR training, AED or first aid; Joyce is amazing. All martial arts schools and fitness centers should have this! Reach out to her, not only is she very detailed in her teachings but she makes it fun too. I highly recommend her and hope that you will have her come certify your staff!!!!

Odenton Sports Center: Joyce is very professional easy to understand, the class is very entertaining with a lot of information…Highly Recommended!!

Erin Brady: Joyce was a wonderful instructor- she was very knowledgeable and patient with questions! I would absolutely recommend her!

Crystal Kirgan: Joyce is very knowledgeable and has a great personality that really helps the class go by quicker than expected. I learned so much, she had everything needed to teach the class. I would recommend Joyce to anyone wanting to learn CPR. my daughter(12 years old) and I had a great night of learning how to save someone’s life together!!

Sophia Hardesty Naptown Sings: Absolutely love bay area CPR! Joyce teaches a wonderful class and is good company. She has always been so accommodating of training sessions for my small business, and I’m glad to have been able to connect with her business and with her.

Alyssa White: Joyce is amazing instructor and makes the class enjoyable. I’d recommend her 100%

Charlie Young: I had a great experience with Bay Area CPR. Joyce was a an excellent instructor and kept the class exciting.